The Steamiest Movie Makeouts From The Last 3 Decades

ghost (Copy)

Movie: Ghost Copyright: Paramount Pictures, 1990 Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

Romantic Hollywood films are often what we compare our real life relationships with. Whether the romantic scenes are realistic or not we don’t care because gosh darn it, that’s what love is meant to be! Love, lust, passion, tension – we want it all! These 15 films gave us all of that and MORE. Oh so much more.

spidermanMovie: Spider-Man Copyright: Marvel Enterprises, 2002 Distributed by: Columbia Pictures

From tear-jerking dramas, to full-of-laughs comedies and even the odd action or thriller thrown in for good measure, these 15 films help to prove that love and chivalry are very much alive (or at least alive on the silver screen!). A girl can dream right?

Find out which Hollywood hits in the last 30 years made our tantalizing list of the best movie passion-fests in recent history – a few of our choices may even shock you! Did we miss an unforgettable kiss? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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