The Cutest Child Stars that Grew Up UGLY!!

Source: WENN

Source: WENN

There can be a lot of perks to being a child star (all that money!) but one of them definitely ISN’T growing up in front of the cameras! Most people don’t stay cute as they grow older; nearly everyone has gone through an awkward phase at some point! Some people don’t even outgrow the awkward phase, meaning that some of your favorite child stars become UNRECOGNIZABLE when they grow up – and not in a good way!

Whether it’s that sweet little boy from E.T., to Screech from Saved By The Bell, or darling little Matilda – you’ll never guess what these child stars look like now. And remember little Macaulay Culkin from the classic 90s Home Alone movies? Let’s just say he doesn’t really resemble the above picture anymore…

Angus T. JonesSource: WENN

Ever wonder what they may be up to these days? Are they still acting, or have they moved down different paths and focused on new careers?