The 29 Most Famous Homewreckers Of Hollywood

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“Homewrecker” is a bit of a divisive term. I mean, if it takes two to tango, how can you possible blame just one person for breaking up a relationship?! It seems to me that as long as free will exists, both parties – the cheater and the cheatee – should be referred to as homewreckers, so that all shady individuals can be exposed for their crimes against love! This slideshow is going to expose just that! Scroll down and click next to see our pick of the worst celebrity cheaters and homewreckers of Hollywood!

29. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena

In what was possibly the celebrity scandal to end all celebrity scandals, Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t just have an affair with his housekeeper, he also fathered her son! In May 2011 Maria Shriver left her husband after finding out that the 13 year old son of Mildred Baena was in fact Schwarzenegger’s! Schwarzenegger issued a statement afterwards, stating that he told Shriver about the affair after he left the governor’s office, however it is believed that he only told her AFTER she confronted him about it.