The 20 Hottest Babes Of The 90s – Where Are They Now?

Remember the 90s? I really hope the answer to that question is yes, because otherwise I’m about to feel hella old. There was nothing better than being a 90s kid. We had Tamagotchis, Troll dolls, POKEMON, Power Rangers, Saved by the Bell and countless other things to keep us constantly occupied. That’s right; it was possible to have fun before constant internet access. Shocking, right?


TV Show; Saved By the Bell, Copyright: Peter Engel/ NBC Productions, Distributed by: Rysher Entertainment/ Paramount/ NBC/ CBS

Another thing that the 90s had going for it, which I guess is probably true of every other decade too, was the hot ladies. From your favorite sitcom actress to the all-girl pop band you adored, there was definitely one particular 90s babe that had a special place in your heart. But where is she now? A lot of the most famous babes of the 90s have fallen off the radar at this stage, have you ever wondered about what they’re doing now? Click next to find out.