The 15 Strangest And Most Horrifying Creatures Of The Deep Sea

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15. The Vampire Squid

In spite of its monstrous and horrific name, the vampire squid is a small and gentle creature of the deep sea. For first timers, this may look like a creature from a science fiction movie but in real life, it’s a deep sea creature that inhabits the temperate regions. It grows at only 6 inches and boosts as been the only surviving member of the Vampyromorphida order.

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It’s unique in that it shares characteristics and features of both an octopus and a squid.  It has large fins located at the top of its body that resembles ears. These fins function by propelling it through the water. Just like a normal squid, the vampire squid can use jet propulsion to move from one place to another by releasing water through a specialized siphon jet which is usually located under its mantle. It has a gelatinous body form which highly resembles a jellyfish. It has two large eyes which are relative to its body size. Depending on the source of light, the eyes can either appear blue or red in color. It has 8 arms which are perfectly connected by the webbing skin hence making it look more like an octopus than a squid. They usually inhabit the temperate and tropical oceans and can be found in depths of about 1,800 to 3,500 feet.