The 15 Strangest And Most Horrifying Creatures Of The Deep Sea

Every now and then you might stumble across a cool nature channel — say, Discovery, or happen to be watching one of the most compelling nature series ever made — the Planet Earth series — and you can’t help but marvel at the wonders of our natural world. From polar bears to hummingbirds to Venus Fly Traps, there is no doubt that our planet is filled to the brim with a fantastically awesome array of creatures that never cease to amaze.

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And then you dip below the surface of the sea. Now, there is also no doubt that sea creatures, like dolphins, seals and whales are also just as fantastic. And from the Great Barrier Reef to the splendid schools of rainbow-colored tropical fish, the oceans are filled with equally amazing animals. But. They are also filled with the most bewildering and downright frightening animals that one can only imagine in their darkest nightmares. There are some truly freaky and monstrous creatures that lurk below the surface of the calmest oceans and you better hope you never come face to face with any of them.