The 15 Hottest WNBA Players

Although female basketball players are not the first thing when we think of beautiful, sexy, hot ladies there are some really rare jewels in their mitts. Some of these ladies are really hot in and off the court and when you take away the baggy shorts, pony-tails and sweat they can show you how feminine and gentle they truly are.

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You will rarely find them in on a cover of a fashion magazine or on some tabloid spreadsheet because they are too busy on the court but when you do you better stop and marvel at their beauty, because they can be breathtaking. Australian hottie Cayla Francis will astonish you with her long blonde hair, Sydney Carter will blow you away with her sweet smile, and Swin Cash will make your hearth race with her racy photos, and those are just some of the hottest WNBA players of today.