Taylor Swift Never Ever Had a Blank Space in Her Dating History

Our girl T-Swift is pretty much notorious for her extensive dating history. How can you not be, if you write song after song about guys who’ve wrong you, cheated on you, or broke your heart? Taylor made her climb to fame this way; by relating to all the people out there who’ve ever seen something resembling romantic love, from her old school album titled Taylor Swift to 1989. People can hate on Taylor all they want, but there’s one thing no one can deny: this girl’s got game.

Source: eonline Source: popsugar.com

We’re waiting for her to write an album about Harris, detailing the relationship and finally giving us and down-low on why he really broke up with her and unfollowed her on Twitter. While we wait, we’ve complied a timeline of the guys Taylor’s been with — you’ve probably forgot about some of these ex-flames! Plus, it’s pretty cool to see the photos of her metamorphasis through the last few years – before she had her sleek lob, don’t forget her perfectly curled golden locks stage!