See How These 20 Child Stars Have Aged!


Getting their big breaks at such a tender young age, many child stars have done more work before their teens than the rest will do into our 20s. But despite their hugely promising starts, not all child stars continue their lucrative Hollywood careers — and some have, let’s just say, aged better than others.


Source: Movie: Home Alone 2, Copyright: Hughes Entertainment, 1992, Distrubuted by: 20th Century Fox

While some of our favorite actor cuties break away from the scene, some go on to find massive success in film and TV. For others, the work dries up, despite their desire to act. Whatever path they take, most of us will still remember their adorable faces as the kids they once were. But one thing’s for certain — these child actors are now full-blown adults and it’s pretty hard to believe they’re the same people.