Ryan Reynolds Tweets Own His Shocking Brand Of Parenting Advice

Ryan Reynolds has always had unique film roles, playing Sanda Bullock’s love interest in The Proposal to starring Van Wilder. Yet, only recently has Reynolds truly made his mark and won the hearts of people all over the world. Since the release of Deadpool, where he starred as the movie’s namesake (also known as Wade Wilson) Mr. Reynolds and his peachy sense of humor have gone viral. His slightly warped sense of humor carries on-screen and off-screen, making it completely authentic, admittedly, sometimes a little crude. But we love him for it.

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Ryan Reynolds and wife, Blake Lively are the ultimate power couple, expanding their dream team one tiny human at a time. They wed in 2012 and the pair had their first baby girl in 2014, and since then he’s been busy tweeting his own brand of parenting advice, such as: “Happy birthday to my baby girl! Sad I lost my virginity. But thankful I have a daughter.” One of things going for Mr. Reynolds, and what anyone else daring to take on parenthood also needs is a great sense of humor. It takes being able to see humor in any situation to survive the many years of raising one of these tiny humans. It’s a constant test of your determination, intelligence, physical capabilities, and sanity. I mean come on! What is that smell? It’s everywhere and it never goes away despite cleaning everything!

Ryan Reynold’s parenting advice in 140 characters makes him laughably the best and the worst parent simultaneously. See for yourself! Read on to find his top 10 best/worst parenting tweets.