Power Rankings: Top 15 NFL Teams Heading into the 2016-2017 Season

For football fans, the spring and summer seasons can seem like an eternity as they wait to see their favorite team back on the field. Following the Denver Broncos’ underdog championship win at Super Bowl 50 in early February, many events have occurred that have drastically changed the outlook of the NFL landscape heading in to this upcoming season.

For starters, the reigning champs will not be led on offense by future Hall-of-Famer quarterback Peyton Manning as he enjoys his retirement. Beyond that, many players are on new teams due to free agency, trades and rookies being drafted. These changes have a large enough impact that many experts are projecting teams to experience vastly different results from last season.

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Heading in to the season, every team claims that their goal is to win the Super Bowl. Realistically, some teams need to be content with landing a playoff spot. Only six teams from each conference will get a chance at a Super Bowl appearance by earning a playoff bid.

With the season just now kicking off, we’d like to take a look at the top 15 teams that fans should expect to see making a run at the playoffs come season end.

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