Beauty And Brains: The Top 20 Richest Self-Made Women of 2016

This year, Forbes’ list of billionaires entails a record number of self-made businesswomen. Interestingly enough, these women come from diverse backgrounds, have a wide range of interests, varying degrees of education, and the age differential is significant! While many of these women hail from the U.S., others are immigrants from South Korea or Turkey.

Top 20 Richest Self-Made Women - 18. Tory Burch -- $1 billion - 2

Some of these women have made a name for herself through her fashion expertise, others boast their talents in business, while others took over her husband’s work. A handful of the ladies who made this list hold multiple degrees, while others are college-dropouts. However, all of these women are undeniably exceptional and what they do have in common is their passion and grit. So, enjoy this list of today’s top 20 rich, self-made women!