40 Crazy Photos You’ll Never Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

It’s safe to say that most of us internet addicts are used to seeing images on the web that are far from real. It’s not even just the internet, when’s the last time you opened a magazine to find a picture of a celebrity or an advertisement where the model hasn’t been Photoshopped beyond all recognition? It’s gotten to the stage that we’re mistrustful of every image we see. And why shouldn’t we be skeptical when it seems like every photo ever is far from what it seems?


Our skepticism has made so that when we do see photos that are rather incredible, we automatically assume that Photoshop is at play when that isn’t always the case. What follows is 40 photos that may at first seem too fantastic to be real, but believe me, they are. Want to know the story behind these two pictures and 38 more?

Philippe Ramet/ acidcow.comSource: acidcow.com / Philippe Ramet