30 Things That Are All You Need To Know About Dirty Harry Of Davao

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Named “The Punisher” and “Dirty Harry of Davao,” Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is said to be among politicians who actually “walk the talk.” He was dubbed “The Punisher” by Time magazine and was forthright in saying he won’t dawdle about killing “100,000 lawbreakers” if that would mean getting rid of crime issue in the nation. To hipls loyal supporters, Rodrigo Duterte’s bold nature speaks to change. He doesn’t appear to know how to sugarcoat or convey a scripted speech, rather he simply speaks his mind. He is one of the most well-known, if not the most prominent, city mayors in the nation today.

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He announced recently that he has no more has arrangements for 2016; however, his enthusiastic supporters haven’t given up and continue wooing him. Some suggest he has throat cancer, resulting in his seemingly sudden declaration. He said, “The Presidency is predetermination. No measure of lying, misleading and bending of truth would help. With respect to me, I trust I have been honest to the general population on my health conditions.” Past the controversy, there’s something else entirely to Rodrigo Duterte than meets the eye. Here are 30 Facts about Duterte you may not know!