30 Shocking Photographs That Left the World Speechless

File photo of an Indian woman mourning the death of her relative killed in a tsunami in Cuddalore

Photo by Arko Datta

30. After the Tsunami – Arko Datta

 Shot by Arko Datta after the earthquake that caused the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 that affected India, Indonesia and Malaysia among other countries, this photo depicts a woman mourning a family member who had died during the chaotic event. The photo quickly became an iconic image, representing the loss and devastation that took place, taking many lives in the process. It helped bring awareness to the survivors and it would later go on to win the World Press Photograph of the Year.

shocking-photos-yevgeny-khaldei Photo by Yevgeny Khaldei

29. Raising a Flag Over the Reichstag – Yevgeny Khaldei

Taken on May 2, 1945, during the Battle of Berlin in World War II, photographer Yevgeny Khaldei captured this extraordinary photo of the Soviet troops raising their flag over the Reichstag Building, Germany’s building of parliament. The image represents a victory for the Soviets and the occupation of East Germany just 4 months before the end of the war.