30 Most Adorable and Funniest Cats You’ll Ever See


Source: Imgur.com

Are you kitten me ….

It’s probably time to fully accept that the Internet really has succumbed to being taken over by none other than our favorite feline friends — cats. And with their incessant reign over our daily web searches, Facebook feeds and basically any Internet-based rituals that one does in the day, the ridiculously cute, funny, grumpy and sometimes flat out insane creatures appear on our screens in abundance.

 But we really just need to embrace the millions upon millions of cat videos and photos filling up our computers and love them. Because we’re sure that at this point, cats are not leaving the Internet alone any time soon, and so the only real option here is to just surrender and  take it all in. I mean, how can you not, really. And we’re guessing that in the near future, the fuzzy little beasts will be controlling the entire world. Not an exaggeration.