27 Celebrities With and WITHOUT MAKEUP!


Hollywood is all about the makeup. When you turn on the television, you see celebrities who are absolutely caked with the most expensive makeup on the market. Every TV show out there—even the ones with the smallest budgets—are going to have their own makeup team to make their stars look the best they possibly can. This is the truth from every adventure show to drama to talk show. Since the days of HD cameras, the need for makeup has only grown more intense. Everyone feels the need to look good! Makeup can make that happen.


There are some celebrities who rely so much on makeup to complete their look that there is almost no recognizing them out of their apparent “costume.” Others use makeup to accentuate what they already have, and a day without makeup is a day of absolute beauty all the same. This is one of those things that separates the bold from the beautiful, it could be said. Well here is your chance to see celebrities for everything they are worth. The ones who are just as gorgeous without makeup and the ones who we would really prefer to stick with the concealer.