25 Huge Plot Holes from Disney Movies You Need the Answers To

It’s a truth that goes without saying: everybody who is a movie buff or had some type of childhood loves Disney classics. (So that’s pretty much everyone.) Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons why this is so is because of the implausible sequences of events which are easy to overlook. There’s so much more room for imagination and open interpretation compared to action packed films, or your stereotypical rom-com. With Disney’s animations, there is a wave of euphoria that is created when fantasies emerge through the animation. For the lucky few, it creates dreams that really do come true.

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However, it is also evident that in almost every film, there is a gap, or simply an inconsistency in a story line that contradicts the natural flow of logic. If you’ve never noticed some of the plot holes in Disney movies, we’ve got you covered. From new favorites like Tangled to classics such as The Little Mermaid, it’s your turn to learn of the plot holes you’ve never discovered. When you learn of them in your favorite Disney pick, you’ll be thinking, “Wow, seriously? How did I miss that?”