21 Forgotten Stars of the 80s – What Do They Look Like NOW??


Movie: The Empire Strikes Back, Copyright: Lucasfilm, 1980, Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

The 80s was a pretty amazing time for music, movies, sleazy bass lines, echoey synths, relentless cheesiness… basically pop culture in general! From the Brat Pack to the Goonies, Stars Wars and Gremlins, I don’t think anybody could ever look back at the 80s and say it wasn’t a fun time, at least as far as entertainment is concerned. But what about the stars of these beloved pieces of pop culture history?

There’s a lot of people who fell by the wayside once the 90s hit, and although some still act, they definitely aren’t as big now as they were back then. C’est la vie! So, let’s get a bit shallow here and address the big question at hand: what do they look like now? Click next to find out how your favorite 80s stars look today!