20 of the Weirdest State Laws in America

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Remember that scene in the hit movie Wolf of Wall Street where Jordan Belfort and his company are shown tossing a little guy at a Velcro–covered target mounted in the middle of a room? Well, fortunately for Leo’s character and the rest, they were not in the Sunshine State. Because in Florida, owners of establishments where alcohol is sold may be fined up to $1000 for participating in or permitting any dwarf-tossing contest. On the face of it, the law makes sense, but you are left wondering what led the state to come up with such a law in the first place. Were dwarfs being tossed around in clubs all the time?

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The internet is awash with articles that purport to write about absurd laws in America, but when you look closely, a lot of them turn out to be just a perpetuation of myths and urban legends. In coming up with our list of the 20 weirdest state laws in America, we undertook some legal legwork and came up with the following.