20 Of The HOTTEST Women Of The 80s – Then And Now


Movie: Never Say Never Again Copyright: Taliafilm, 1983 Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures

The 80s was quite a decade. It brought us mullets, gigantic shoulder pads, boomboxes and an endless amount of other questionable items and trends we should probably turn our backs on and banish from our memories forever. But it also did some good. Michael Jackson redefined music and movies like Back to the Future, Blade Runner and E.T. made us believe in Hollywood cinema again. And who could forget about the ladies?

tls-20-of-the-hottest-women-of-the-80s-then-and-now-intro-02Movie: Angel Hearert Copyright: Carolco Pictures, 1987 Distributed by: Tri-Star Pictures

There were a lot of iconic faces of the 80s that we’ll never forget. From Madonna to Mia Sara and even Whitesnake video muse Tawny Kitaen, in the 80s, there were almost too many hotties to keep track of. Luckily, we did for you. For your viewing pleasure, here are the 20 hottest celebs of the 80s and what they look like now!

tls-20-of-the-hottest-women-of-the-80s-then-and-now-intro-03Movie: Brenda Starr Copyright: Triumph Releasing Pictures, 1989 Distributed by: Triumph Releasing Corporation