20 Of The Hottest Celebrities Followed On Instagram

Instagram is undeniably one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world today. To celebrities, it is an incredibly valuable tool for interacting with the over 300 million active users, and enables us ordinary folk to see our favorite stars in a whole new light — them just being themselves as goofy, free-spirited, sometimes makeup-free  humans, and therefore relateable in a way celebrities never were before.


But not everybody who has the celebrity status actually gets the chance to be among the hottest celebrities followed on Instagram — the ones who have made it into the top 20 have attracted massive followings that obviously reflect their artistic fan bases as well as an idolization and utmost admiration of the stars. We all know Kim K is right up there with her billions upon billions of selfies. It’s pretty incredible. Care to see who our number one followed Instagram hottie is?