25 Most Gorgeous News Anchors In The world


They are racy, they are talented and they have the sex appeal needed to make your jaws drop: They are the world’s top 20 most gorgeous news anchors. Some of the most gorgeous women gracing television screens are not models, actors or reality show stars; they are, in fact, the journalists and television reporters presenting news and running their own shows in popular news channels like ABC, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and others.


While some of them are strikingly beautiful, others exude a more subtle charm, yet again there are others who grab all the attention with their wit and intellect, but there is one thing that commonly binds them all, and that is the fact that they are all drop-dead gorgeous.Thanks to their sex appeal, stunning persona, and amazing screen presence, news broadcasting literally got a whole new definition in this recent age. Here we have compiled the top 20 gorgeous news anchors of the world, who are sure to awe you with their eclectic resumes, talents of multi-tasking and of course unmatched beauty. Be prepared to ogle!