20 Men of Hollywood Who Had A Complete Body Transformation

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These 20 men in the spotlight have trimmed up their waistlines and buffed up their biceps. Women are usually the ones in Hollywood being scrutinized for what is on the scale but now we check out the numbers on the men. Maybe you have seen more ribs then abs on your favorite hunk – it was probably for a particular role they were cast in! Or maybe you didn’t even recognize a usual squishy teddy bear like man on the red carpet that has now traded in a moo-moo for a fancy tuxedo.

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Some of these guys are practically unrecognizable with their body transformations. Whether it was to flash their abs for a starring role or to shed some pounds for their own health, these Hollywood hunks stepped up their hottie game and deserve their picture under the definition of BEEFCAKE! Check out these body transformations of 20 men of Hollywood!