20 Gay Celebrities Who Like To Keep It Private

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Gone are the days where proclaiming “I’M GAY’ is a complete career ender. With openly gay and proud celebs such as Ellen DeGeneres and Elton John paving the way for new, young things in Hollywood, coming out of the closet is becoming an easier, less daunting task. Still, many celebs prefer to stay off the grid about their sexuality, and rightly so!


Some of Hollywood’s top actors and actresses are actually a part of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community, and you may not even know it! Don’t worry, you’re not alone when it comes to being surprised about the sexual orientation of a few of these talented stars. Curious to find out which celebs like to bat for the other team, or swing both ways? Here’s a list of 20 celebs who like to keep their private affairs hush hush…

You won’t believe who made our list!