20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have ‘Normal’ Spouses


Romance between celebrities is often notoriously short-lived, so you’d be forgiven for wondering why they go through it over and over again when it always seems to have the same dismal outcome. It’s definitely a familiar story and it’s as old as however old the cult of celebrity is. Two famous people meet, they fall in love in what seems like five minutes, they get married in a record amount of time and then they’re separating not long after. It looks like they never learn.


The same thing can’t be said for the people included in this slideshow though! These celebrities have clearly thought the better of romancing a fellow star and instead have settled down with some ordinary, non-famous folk who would never be caught dead on the cover of any celebrity gossip rags and perhaps take marriage a tad more seriously than your average celeb. Check out twenty celebs with ordinary spouses!