20 Awkwardly Sweet Dog Hybrid Breeds That Will Make You Fall In Love

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter.com

They’re man’s best friend and play a great role in the people’s lives who love and take care of them. Dogs make the world an incredible place — more adorable, goofy, overall amazing and fun. But their awesome cuteness only makes it all the more difficult to decide which one to take home. With their sweet fluffy faces and unique features, it makes it super hard to choose one that would fit into any home because let’s face it — you’re most likely going to be tempted to take all the doggies home!

 But one thing that makes it easier is that they can be cross-bred to produce pedigree offspring that have incredible features. These hybrids are normally stronger, healthier and have features  that are a wonderful mix of your favorite purebreds. The results are incredibly sweet, if not somewhat awkward. Their names are also incredibly adorable and you’ll want to get one just so you can say,”Yeah that’s right, I own a schnoodle — what do you have?”