20 Actors Who Went To Crazy Extremes For Their Roles


Movie: Cast Away, Copyright: ImageMovers, 2000 Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

What comes to mind when you think of Hollywood actors? Do you think of red carpets? Does the ceaseless stream of inconsequential celebrity gossip come to mind? We often don’t equate film actors with actual acting, and truth be told, there are too many stars and starlets who seem to rely too much on their appearance, whilst delivering onscreen performances that are mediocre at best.

tls-20-actors-who-went-to-crazy-extremes-for-their-roles-intro-02Movie: Apocalypse Now, Copyright: Omni Zoetrope, 1979 Distributed by: United Artists

Still, there are instances of movie stars who really do go the distance in order to deliver on screen.Whether it’s broken bones, radical weight loss, psychological scars, or having to eat a live octopus, now and then an actor will go to extremes in the name of their craft. And when the do, it’s pretty extraordinary. Click on to see which twenty actors who went above and beyond in order to make their movie roles spectacular!

movie-monster-copyright-dej-productions-2003-distributed-by-newmarket-films-wennMovie: Monster, Copyright: DEJ Productions, 2003 Distributed by: Newmarket Films / WENN