19 Celebrities Who Hate The Kardashians

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It’s pretty easy to keep up with the Kardashians because they are literally everywhere! You can barely turn on E! without seeing at least one member of the clan. There’s Kim talking about her intimate struggles to get pregnant again. Then there’s exaggerated dramas about Chloe, and the rest of the crew. Every time you walk to the checkout line, you see one, two, or all of the Kardashians on the cover of the tabloids. But don’t worry.

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No one should make the mistake of thinking that everyone loves the headline grabbing family, in fact we found 19 celebrities who absolutely CAN’T STAND Kim K and crew. They think their antics and obsessive, flailing fame grabs are just a little too over the top. They haven’t kept their opinions to themselves either. These celebs have been vocal about their dislike for the Kardashian family airing views that make the family seem like monsters.