18 TV And Movie Co-Stars Who Became Besties In Real Life


Source: twitter.com

Some acting duos just hit the sweet spot when it comes to their on-screen chemistry. Whether they’re playing friends, enemies, lovers or something in between, watching actors who clearly get each other can make for some unforgettable Hollywood pairs so good they even become epic Halloween costumes. (Hansel and Zoolander anyone?)

tv-friends-collage-2TV Show: Scrubs Copyright: Doozer, 2001-2010 Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment / TV Show: Gossip Girl Copyright: Warner Bros. Television, 2007-2012 Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

But even more satisfying than the fantastic energy they have on-screen are the inevitable bromances or ladymances they have in real life. These co-stars didn’t have to try on-screen because it turns out they’re besties in their non-Hollywood lives too. J.D and Turk from Scrubs, Rachel and Monica from Friends — these stars have the kind of real life friendships that are as sweet as Starbucks’ Frappuccinos at happy hour.

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