18 Athletes Who Went Broke And Lost Millions

Fame, money, and talent – these athletes had it all. That is until they didn’t. Why is it that so many high-earning athletes have such a tough time holding on to their massive fortunes? I can’t answer that, but one thing I have noticed is this: if you are an athlete with money then real estate investment is always a bad idea. Always.

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Maybe it’s because it takes more than athletic skill to seal a business deal, and much more than the ability to run fast, dunk, throw a ball, or hit a home run before you can cash in on today’s ample but complicated business ventures. So, maybe there’s the lesson. Let the athletes play ball, and let the businessmen and businesswomen conduct the business. Investor’s know which stocks will soar, meanwhile athletes know how to make a ball soar. One thing is for certain, the next time these athletes think they can make a big score, they’ll think again.

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