30 Celebrities That Are Scary Skinny

Antonia Campbell Hughes

For most people, being in the spotlight can be tough. For some people, though, being in the spotlight can not only affect their lives, but it can affect their health. The pressures on women in Hollywood to be pretty, skinny, and able to fit into 00 sizes is hard to even fathom. So it’s no wonder that a lot of women (and men) in the industry take extreme measures to lose weight and maintain a societally acceptable size.


We have a list of 30 unfortunate Hollywood starlets that have lost so much weight that they look almost skeletal! Check out these 30 women who have battled anorexia or eating disorders that have seen them look scary skinny! We hope that all of these women are doing better now, but check them out when they were at their worst!

Source: INFphoto.comSource: INFphoto.com