17 Celebs You May Not Have Known Did Horrible Things

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Hollywood is a strange place. While one would think that, what with the prevalence of celebrity gossip sites and the way they document practically everything every famous person does ever, that once a celebrity does anything wrong people would have the capacity to remember it forever (gotta love the permanence of the internet!).

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However, that simply just isn’t the case, as this slideshow is sure to demonstrate. It seems that a lot of celebrities (especially white males) tend to get a pass for actions that would never ever be okay for us regular folk. These guys can engage in drug smuggling, kidnapping, assault and getting up to no good with underage girls and yet, some of these people are still straight up revered by the general public. Is it because the general public has a short memory or is it because these guys get a pass because of their talents and fame? Whatever the reason, maybe it’s time people remember just how crappy some of the guys on this list are.