15 Times Donald Trump’s Kids Did Not Make America Great Again

15 Times Donald Trump`s kids were not as innocent as you thought - obama - 1

It’s the year of Donald Trump. The business mogul is everywhere these days. Some hate him, some love him, but it’s pretty much a fact that the man is entertaining. Reporters and late night comedians have been handed months and months of new material thanks to Trump’s candidacy.

However, Trump’s kids haven’t garnered the same kind of media attention as their unabashed father, which is strange since many of them have the same penchant for controversial remarks on topics ranging from women to interrogation techniques, or for building absurd and unnecessary luxuries. You might also be surprised to know that Ivanka and Trump’s relationship has been creeping people out since she was fifteen, and that she’s not the only one of Trump’s daughters to post some interesting photos. Here are 15 times Trump’s kids certainly did not make America great again!