15 Times Donald Trump’s Investments Failed Miserably

15. Trump Airline

Anyone who has a clear recollection of the ’80s knows that it wasn’t just known for bad hair and shoulder pads. Transportation was fast becoming more convenient than ever and Eastern Airlines Shuttle was among the most popular and well-established commuter line in the US. It offered quick and easy trips between Washington D.C., New York City and Boston for affordable prices. After 27 successful years in business, Donald Trump purchased the company.

Instead of functionality and convenience, Donal made the mystifying assumption that what customers really needed was overblown luxury. Trump Shuttle as it was then dubbed, renovated the airplanes with gold fixtures and maplewood veneer. With the new additions came a jack in prices until regular commuters gave up on the excessive and expensive service. In 1992, Trump couldn’t pay back his loans and the company closed down.