15 Stars Who Completely Ruined Their Lives With Alcohol

15 Stars Whose Lives Were Affected By Alcohol Abuse - #13 Charlize Theron - 1

Being an alcoholic is absolutely no joke. What makes matters worse is if you are a celebrity who, just like all of us, have your fair share of difficulties. We’re all human and sometimes these personal issues can cause us to drink our troubles away. However, as the saying goes, those who drink to drown their sorrows often don’t realize that their sorrows can swim. Which, in turn, leads to disastrous consequences such as being bullied by the media when news of their alcohol addiction gets out.

15 Stars Whose Lives Were Affected By Alcohol Abuse - #10 Nick Nolte - 2

Worse still, it might lead to falling out of favor with powerful employers too – ruining their careers and lives, as a result. While some celebrities managed to get back on track, after a bout of alcohol addiction, there are others that lost their way completely – ruining their own lives for good. So, here are 15 celebrities who ruined their lives, either partially or fully, due to an alcohol addiction.