15 Shocking Confessions In Lemonade That Seem To Confirm Jay-Z Cheated

15 Lemonade Lyrics That Confirm Jay-Z Cheated - Sandcastles - 2

The Beyoncé/Jay-Z scandal captivated the world’s attention when Lemonade dropped, and interest in the alleged affair hasn’t waned since it’s release on April 23rd. Everyone wants to know if Jay-Z actually did the unthinkable: cheat on Queen Bey.

15 Lemonade Lyrics That Confirm Jay-Z Cheated - Pray you catch me - 1

We may never get direct confirmation from the couple, in fact, Lemonade is about the most forthright they’ve been about the suspected affair (affairs?), but the album offered new insight and possibilities. It’s hard to believe how vulnerable Beyoncé made herself to be through her lyrics in “Pray You Catch Me” or her promises in “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” Quite frankly, this album is all the confirmation of the affair that we need.