15 Reasons Why Steph Curry Will Never Be As Good As LeBron James

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15. Steph’s Ankles

When Curry joined the league he was sidelined with a series of serious ankle injuries. “It was scary,” Warriors general manager Bob Myers said. “I’d never seen someone sprain his ankle like that prior to Steph. And I haven’t seen it since.” While in college, it hadn’t seemed like a big deal; Curry missed only one game while with Davidson. But by his second year with the Warriors he missed eight games due to his ankles. He had ankle surgery in May 2011. The next season (his third with the Warriors), he played only 26 games.

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He’s better now, thanks to a combination of medical procedures, improved physique, and – to be frank – luck. The Warriors even say that they are glad for his ankle injuries. “The ankle thing made him work smarter, to counteract him ever being put in that position again,” Kirk Lacob, the Warriors’ Assistant General Manager, says. “If he hadn’t had it, maybe he wouldn’t have the same core strength,” adds Myers. “It made Steph what he is now.” Still, Warriors staff knock on wood when they talk about Steph’s ankles; it’s clear they fear another breakdown. This isn’t a problem for LeBron James.