15 Reasons Why Steph Curry Will Never Be As Good As LeBron James


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LeBron James and Stephen Curry are, right now, the NBA’s alpha dogs – the best players in basketball today. Fans are constantly debating which of the two is better – which one is the best. Comparing the two is a bit apples-to-oranges, however, as they have vastly different play-styles and skill-sets. Curry is lightly-built for an NBA player, a nimble point guard with a knack for shooting and cool-headed finesse; while James is a broad-shouldered powerhouse with physical gifts that are impossible to match. James attacks the ball with force and power, while Curry kills his opponents from long range, referred to as the greatest shooter the NBA has ever seen in his ability to get his shots in from anywhere on the court.

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James – King James, if you please – may be the greatest player NBA has ever seen. He is a versatile, multi-position player who is effective from anywhere on the court – a scorer and a defender par excellence, with size, speed, strength and athleticism. James has been called “the most versatile player in NBA history,” and there are those who compare him favorably to the legendary Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. But Stephen Curry is coming up fast – a dark-horse contender no one could have expected. So which one is the real MVP? Here are 15 reasons why LeBron is better than Stephen Curry.