25 Of The Most Beautiful Women In Sports

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There’s nothing that captures the attention of the male species quite like sports. Something about the competition and the athleticism speaks to them. What about beautiful women who play sports, though? Is there anything more captivating than women with stunning good looks and incredible athletic talent? Talent that could put many a man to shame! If a girl is hot, and knows her stuff when it comes to guys’ favorite sports, there’s no denying she has a hold that can’t be competed with! But when she can play that sport too, you know you’re on to a keeper (no pun intended)!

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Whether it’s tennis, basketball, surfing, soccer, or even fighting, many female pro athletes have made a name for themselves for their extraordinary sports feats. As well as talent and achievement, these women have undeniable physical beauty. There’s something awe-inspiring about top-of-the-line, athletically gifted women who also happen to possess the kind of attractiveness that makes one’s jaw left hanging open in wonder. From Skylar Diggins to Alex Morgan, get ready to find your new favorite sports star and your new favorite pin up at the same time. Check out the 25 most beautiful women in sports.

Lakey Peterson