NFL Odds on the Top 15 Teams to Win Super Bowl 2017

There are 32 teams in the National Football League, so theoretically there are 32 teams in contention to be the next Super Bowl winner. But, realistically, we know that’s not the case. An average football fan can probably pick 15 teams he or she thinks has a shot and odds are one of those teams will win it all. Very rarely does a team come from nowhere to win the Super Bowl. Teams that win the Super Bowl were usually very good the previous season and likely the season before that one too.

So here are the top 15 Super Bowl contenders going into this season. There likely won’t be any shockers among them. If we were to give a dark-horse team that may make a run at it, we like the Jacksonville Jaguars to perhaps get into the playoffs this year. But getting to the Super Bowl and winning it is a whole different story. Here are the teams that can pull that off according to bookmakers.

Odds courtesy of EPSN, up to Sept. 13th.

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