15 Nerdy Teen Actors Who Grew Up To Be Hunky Hotties

Jonathan Lipnicki

Some people have all the luck. These actors might have started out as somewhat dorky, but that didn’t hold them back from achieving it all. These actors went from total nerds to total babes. In fact, you might be surprised to remember where they started! You’ve heard the saying that time works in mysterious ways. Well, the saying certainly holds true in Hollywood. Time and age work strangely at times in that town.


In the space of a year we may witness a dozen different trends and learn new names and forget old ones, yet as 10 years go by there will be actresses that haven’t aged more than a day. While so much of our attention is directed at the many actresses who have found ways to defy the tests of time, the actors of the glamorous city can hold their own, as well.

And you think looking through your old yearbook is a hoot! Here is a rundown of the most-improved actors of our time—twenty of the dorkiest actors that have turned into totally handsome hunks. Take a quick jump through time and think about these most-improved Hollywood personalities.