15 Male Celebrities You Didn’t Know Battled Eating Disorders

15 Male Celebs Who Have Battled Anorexia - 11. Justin Hawkins - 1

In many cases, eating disorders are generally attributed to women. We seem to think that only females who are most affected, and that men tend to manage this condition easily. Nevertheless, the reality is that eating disorders that includes both under-eating, as well as over-eating, is an issue, which can scare in men, also. In the world of entertainment, where full glamour is usually associated with stress, several men have undergone eating disorders, and have successfully overcome such conditions too.

15 Male Celebs Who Have Battled Anorexia - 8. Elton John - 2

Eating disorders normally develop due to several reasons such as: negative self-perception low self-esteem, and others. However, it’s unhealthy to be ashamed of and it should be revealed. The ideal step to take is to come out of denial of the situation and ask for help. If we follow in the footsteps of some celebrities, we can easily get inspired by their hard work and how they fought through their illnesses. Here are 15 brave male celebs who battled and overcome eating disorders. Their personal experiences will shock you.