15 Hollywood Actors Who Tragically Met Their Fate During Production

15.  Martha Mansfield

This up-and-coming young actress was taken from the world far too soon. Martha (Erhrlich) Mansfield was a famous vaudeville and silent film star of the 1920s. She was most popular for playing Millicent Carew in Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde. On November 30th 1923, 24 year-old Martha was on set for the film production of The Warrens of Virginia.

Between scenes, Martha, in a Civil War dress complete with many frills and a hoop skirt, took a short rest in a car. While sitting in a car a cast mate carelessly threw a match, its lit ash remnants landing on Martha. Her costume set ablaze immediately. Her co-star lead, Wilfred Lytell threw his overcoat over her to diffuse the fire, thus saving Martha’s face and neck area. However, her body’s burns were too severe, and she passed away hours later.