15 Famous Athletes Who Have Shamefully Been Suspended For Doping

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If you like sports, you probably  have a list of favorite athletes. But do you know that some of the most famous athletes of the world were caught doping? Even though it may hard for you to believe it, it’s true and it’s also very disappointing. In fact they were caught to use anabolic steroids, in order to increase the levels of proteins in their bodies so as to be able to perform better during their chosen sport. But frequent anabolic steroid use increases certain masculine characteristics in a person.

For example, women who use them develop certain body changes that enhance their masculinity — their voices become deeper, their chests become flatter chest and so on. All in all, it’s just not a good thing for athletes or anyone for that matter to be pumping their bodies full of strong body-altering substances and hormones. Here is a list of 15 former shining star  athletes who have been caught and suspended for doping. Some of these will shock you!