15 Celebrities Who You Didn’t Know Are Total Nerds

15 Celebrities....Total Nerds - 9. Shakira - 2

Have you ever wondered if celebrities are just glorified not-so-smart people? The truth is that while many of them are famous for their talent, bodies, scandals, or luxurious lives, some of them really are superior to your average Joe. They’ve got both the looks and brains to prove it. While survival and success in the entertainment industry is dependent on various kinds of smarts, you will be shocked by some of the most unexpected celebrities who prove they were “intellectually smart” before they were “industry smart.”

15 Celebrities....Total Nerds - 8. Conan O’Brien - 2

Guess which celebrity is a genius with an IQ of 160 according to MENSA? You will never believe which celebrities were Harvard attendees! Which secret celebrity nerd do you know? Click through to see which of them went under your radar!