25 Celebrities Who Were Virgins Until Marriage


As lowly ordinary humanoids, we non-famous people are very much inclined to believe that Hollywood is all about sex, drugs and rock & roll. Especially sex, and most of us tend to believe that celebrities are all notoriously promiscuous — that that’s the norm. Though many of them are and are not shy to reveal it to the masses, not all of them are like that. *Gasp!

mariah-carey-virgin-married-intro (Copy)

There are some celebrities that, because of religious reasons or simply personal ones, have decided to stay virgins until marriage. Some think of the promise as a joke, some find it admirable, and many tend to think of it as unnatural (which is not too surprising now is it?) Though everyone has their opinions on their choices, these celebrities don’t seem to be ashamed to let everyone know they were virgins until marriage — or are still waiting — and are proud of it. All the power to them.