15 Best Sports Movies Ever

15 Best Sports Movies Ever - 12. Invictus- 1

Movie: Invictus, Copyright :Revelations Entertainment, 2009 Distributed by:Warner Bros. Pictures.

Sports movies, just like sports, pull you right into the thick of the action. They’re as exciting as action movies, but the only explosions are either on the field or within the team as they are at their darkest point. You can’t help but become part of the team as they struggle through adversity and win in the end (even if you don’t particularly like sports!)

15 Best Sports Movies Ever - 5. The Blind Side - 1Movie: The Blind Side, Copyright : Alcon Entertainment, 2009 Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures.

A well written sports movie can get you to feel the anxiety of a sideline parent or the joy of victory. The challenges the characters go through in these movies take us on an emotional roller coaster and even if we know how it ends, we still cheer them on at the crucial stage in the game. It was hard to narrow it down, but we’ve complied a list of the 15 Best Sports Movies Ever. We dare you to disagree!