15 Artists We Thought Would Only Be One Hit Wonders

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It’s not easy to become a massive superstar in the world of music today. With so many artists competing with each other for air time, only a few will actually make it big. But even if you do manage to land a hit on the radio, success is not guaranteed. Music history is littered with examples of the ever persistent one-hit wonder — Lou Vega’s Mambo No. 5 comes careening into mind.

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What is the secret to success? Perhaps it’s consistency that leads to longevity. But after just one hit, it’s not easy to distinguish the artists that will become legends from those who are just a flash in the pan. There are a ton of artists who arrived on the scene that left us unsure as to whether they had what it takes to lead a long and prosperous career, only to prove to us they did. Who’d a thunk it?