24 Actors Who Hated Their Own Movies


A movie’s lead actors have the power to make or break a movie, considering there are people who will see any movie that features one of their favorite actors or actresses regardless of what the movie is about. In fact, often times, while we’re watching movies, we find ourselves glued to big screen time and time again just to catch a glimpse of our favorite actors and actresses doing what they do at their best. But have you ever thought about whether your favorite actor or actress was happy to be in that movie you’re enjoying?


The movie at hand might even get rave reviews, but good reviews don’t necessarily mean that the lead actor or actress was proud of the end result. Indeed, there have been many cases where a household name spoke ill of a project they were involved in after the fact. Some actors have gone ahead to blast their previous producers and crew members while some have withdrawn their full support from the movies that made them a household name. Some famous actors have even blasted their production team and cast.